Hp compaq 6535s схема

hp compaq 6535s схема
Lift up and release the RJ11 (modem) jack. STEP 13. Start removing the motherboard from the notebook case. Вы можете купить товар артикул pk-1651 за 56 бел. руб. See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. {} Complementary Content. Before you pull the cable out, you’ll have to unlock the connector. On the picture below you can see the connector unlocked. Remove the memory modules (in my laptop I had only one module installed). Remove the hard drive, you’ll find details instruction on the sticker glued to the hard drive caddy.

При этом видно мигание индикации клавиши Caps Lock/Num Lock в ноутбуках HP. Такой расклад часто указывает на серьёзную поломку ноутбука данного производителя.По количеству миганий клавиши Caps Lock между более длительными паузами можно приблизительно определить поломку. Remove both speakers. STEP 8. Release the wireless card antenna cables. Инструкции приведены в документации к браузеру. {} Complementary Content. Transfer the DVD drive connector, modem card, heat sink, processor and modem cable.

The keyboard is connected to the motherboard via a flat ribbon cable. Simply remove one screw securing the cooling fan to the notebook base and replace it with a new one if needed. If you are replacing the motherboard you’ll have to transfer some parts to the new board. Basically I will take the whole unit apart and remove all internal components one by one. You can support my work! It takes hours to create one disassembly guide and only a minute to donate. Инструкции приведены в документации к браузеру. {} Complementary Content. Release the touch pad cable and remove the top cover assembly. STEP 12. Now we can access the motherboard.

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