Схема nokia 1202-2

схема nokia 1202-2
New products added. UFS_RTP v2.6_k API updated for new USB drivers. UFS_SAMs v1.4_w TRIDENT Samsung E568, S410i, X150, X200, X208 added. BT Address Change. OM635x Samsung E108, E330N, E335, X495, X497, X628 added. SWIFT Samsung E340E, E348, E350E, E358, D500E, D600E, D608 added. M46 Models revised. Direct unlock for new models (Samsung D900, D820…) OM635x Samsung E420, E428 added. New flash chips supported (Amd, Spansion, Intel, ST) Bugs in PM_Edit fixed. 64->128 conversion for Nokia BB5 phones. New products: RM-111, RM-127 (Nokia 7380, 7360) PPM and CNT FILE_MM_TYPE report added (to handle Nokia 6230i, new HWID phones) UFS_KZF v1.8_d (HWK Required) Major and Minor bugs fixed.

Thank you again for your feedback, it improves our performance for All of You. Unlock of DCT4+ (BB4.1 ASIC 2 & 11) phones. This release contains a new set of USB drivers, you are advised to use these drivers for more stable use. UFS_ACER v2.2_d API updated for new USB drivers. UFS_ATRz v1.6_1 API updated for new USB drivers. UFS_DCTxBB5 v1.4_d New BB5 GSM products: RM-38, RM-56 (Nokia 3250, 6270) introduced. New Release Release Date: 27/01/2007 Please run the upgrade client after you have installed the software, follow the instructions careful. Opinions, Corrections, Price errors, even technical problem on this store, are welcome! Windows Vista(tm) 32bit OS support. LG_GSM v2.0.5.0 KG110, KG320 support fixed.

Fixed Recovery problem, path not found. UFS_LG_GSM v1.0_c Beta (HWK Required) Minor Bugs Fixed. UFSHWK is a 2 in 1 tool combining in itself HWK and UFS (UFS3, Tornado). It comes with full cable set for HWK and UFS boxes.This unlocking tools supports unlocking, flashing, user code reset of Nokia (BB5, DCT4, CDMA), Samsung, LG, Sony Ericsson, Sharp, Siemens mobile phones. Introduced Unlock E2P for MSL phones (Samsung D900, D820, E370, …) Read E2P shows info (Unlock Codes, IMEI, Lock Status) Please Note: Samsung I300, I320 PDA Flash is also supported by a third party utility, check the start menu after install. Cut Power option (Restart — power on mobile) TRIDENT Samsung C140, C216, C240, C250, C260, C266, C268, C308, P310, P318, X166, X636 added. MSL1 bypass, allows direct unlock. OM635x Samsung E635 added. SWIFT Samsung E256, E376, E480, E488, E736, E750, Samsung E758 added. Certificates backup for BB5 phones introduced («Rd Cert»and»Bk.308″for SL_Data) BB5 File System Format introduced. New BB5 GSM products: RM10, RM24, RM89, RM180 (Nokia E70-1, E70-2, E61-1, N72-5) UFS_LG_GSM v2.0.1 New products added (LG S5200, KG800 chocolate, ..) New flash chips support added.

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